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I wasn’t a fan of the previous Mirai print I made so here’s a new one for Anime Revolution + whatever else I do after.

ax was a lot fun! got to meet some cool people. leave a message if you bought one of my prints ;)
later this year I’m going to Arev in Vancouver, here’s a new print for that!
yes im really into kancolle now. yes i know im terrible
WIP, i just dont post much anymore


this is my sparkly & goofy entry into the 2014 anirevo mascot fanart contest

sup, the contest is now live. help me out by voting here bit.ly/1vydd1N please! my entry is near the bottom so you’ll have to click show more a few times to see it.

VOTE FOR MY FRANS ENTRY ITS UBER KAWAII so we can get a free AA tablru <3
Emergency Commissions!



Hey guys! I am in a super bind at the moment so if you can help me out that’d be great! Prices are non-negotiable. I probably won’t price low like this again so hop on them while you still can!

Sketch 1 | 2 | 3 - $25USD ( BW fullbody/+$10USD for colour washes)

Lineless 1 |


英雄难过美人关 | even heroes cant overcome/can be ruined by the temptation of seduction